Talacci Family

Driven by its passion for the mountains

Scents of the sea linger in the deep-rooted history of the Talacci family, inextricably linked with the Emilia Romagna region, on the Adriatic Coast.

In 1968, Bruno, the father of the family, discovered Livigno following the advice given by a childhood friend who was studying theology in a district in the Valtellina area.


After hearing fascinating stories about this location, Bruno decided to visit Livigno in the autumn of the same year and he became totally enthralled by this magnificent valley.


He looked for a home and in less than a year, his wife, Rosy and his son Fabrizio also moved to join him in Livigno, renting premises in which they successfully opened the first pizzeria in the town.

In 1969, they bought the land on which the Hotel Bucaneve was built, opening in autumn 1970.


By then, the family had settled down and had become well-integrated into the local area; in 1975, Francesca was born and ten years later, the Talaccis bought the house in the town centre in which, in 1987, they opened the Gioielleria Talacci (Talacci Jewellery store) and rented out the apartments above the shop.


Many years after the day that was to change the history of the Talacci family, today, it has grown and has become well-established in the local area; the second generation proudly and with gratitude continues the work started by grandparents Bruno and Rosy; the third generation of the family is growing, carrying the passion for the snow and these peaks in its heart, which guides and supports each and every small step it takes towards offering the best holiday possible to those who choose to come and discover this magical territory.

Hotel Bucaneve



A 4-star Hotel in Livigno


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Appartamenti Talacci



Apartments in the centre of Livigno


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Gioielleria Talacci



Elegance, style and design since 1987


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